Friday, May 11, 2012

Web reboot: I've mosied on over to wordpress.

Howdy! Thanks for Googling around and finding my old blog. I don't want to make this awkward or anything, but we actually broke up. Yep. That's right. It's totally cool though. We're still friends and everything. No hard feelings, but we both just agreed that we should see other people. I recently moved in with my new internet partner at Come on over any time. Thanks for making this a smooth transition for all of us. Hearts, Andrew Tolentino

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Evolution: Wings and Things

I've been working on a few new projects lately. Aside from rental home hunting, perpetual day-job searching, rehearsing with Dallas Comedy House and the like, I'm trying out a few new visual arts objectives.

In an effort to reintroduce painting in to my artistic regimen and per the perpetual encouragement of my lovely lady, I started this piece. It's still a work in progress, taunting me every time I look at it. Keep in mind that these are crappy smartphone photos, but the real deal should be up and ready for your viewing pleasure by this Saturday at Absinthe Lounge.

Take you a gander.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pinantino Flyers!


Absinthe Lounge to Exhibit and Auction Art by

Alfredo Piña and Andrew Tolentino

For Immediate Release
April 5, 2010

This Saturday, Absinthe Lounge in Dallas’ Southside on Lamar Building, will feature works by Andrew Tolentino and Alfredo Piña. Arranged by local painter and Absinthe Lounge bartender Treva Gilkey, this exhibit is part of an ongoing series of “Happy Hour” silent auction art events at the below-street-level hotspot.

Having only seen each other electronically (on Facebook) since their days at Dan F. Long Jr. High in North Dallas, Piña and Tolentino have reunited to share their creativity with one another and their beloved community.

Both Dallas natives will show recent creations inspired by their respective muses. Exploring the notion of the creative struggle, Piña’s paintings act as snapshots – solitary, powerful and surreal representations of life’s most profound moments. Using a mixed-media strategy, Tolentino’s work, often filled with textures and “not-human-not-animal” characters, navigates the terrain of perspective and celebration of self and interpersonal examination. Together, at Piñantino, the duo will burst open proverbial Papier Mache portfolios, hoping to shift, challenge and simply shed light on new perspectives.

Absinthe Lounge is located at 1409 South Lamar Street in Dallas. The reception for Piñantino runs from 7PM – 10PM on Saturday, April 10th, complete with a silent auction and happy hour specials.

For more information on the venue, please visit:

For more information about the artists, please visit: and

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Doucheberry Chronicles

I've been working on a new, MS-Paint driven project.

The only thing good about working in an overly aggressive sales-oriented, Blackberry world is the inspiration to overcome through miracle of MS Paint.

Below are a few examples. Be sure to check out The Doucheberry Chronicles on Flickr.