Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am proud to present to you, (still under construction)
www.caramichellesmith.com, built from scratch by the lovely lady herself.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Unicrog Lives!

As I've learned, to draw an animalistic comparison to my blog behavior, I tend to hibernate, then feast, then hibernate, then wipe my ass on a tree a la the charmin bears, hibernate, then feast again.

Well, tonight I dine in hell as Operation Unicrog is back in action. It's amazing how much creative accountability can push people to just do something. Thankfully, I've got a wonderful network of inspirational people working in a variety of mediums in my life - so when my well is dry - I have the o of peeking (and sometimes sipping from) other people's buckets.

With that being said, I've recently (re)teamed up with some of my pals on the performance side and vowed to make a jackass out of myself in front of the camera...on the internets...fo free...again. To warm up, we decided to each come up with a character whose name, occupation and vice would be put in to a hat and randomly assigned to another in our merry band.

I drew the following:

Name: Wingpo P. Smith
Occupation: Super Hero Talent Agent
Vice: Bands That Begin with "The"

From these three elements, I created this: (Enjoy.)