Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a few conversations with my friend, Will.

"Whatever happened to the dancing baby?"
me: hahah dancing baby
what ever happened to the dancing baby?
William: ooga chaca
me: is that who vern troyer is?
William: killed and eaten
in papa new guinea
me: i'm about ready to pop a new guiness
or play mario-kart and pop a new guinea
William: a new wheelie?
me: no, more racist!
William: new whitey?
me: pap(smearing) gnus giggly
popeye knew gigli?
William: pabst new wiggly?
me: pork barrel politicking?
William: pappas fritas free-wheeling?
anybody wanna peanut?
me: louis pasteur's ginseng?
William: bash a blue penny?

me: laverne and shirley's condomini(um)?
William: pop shrew's titty?
drop a newt's genitals?
got a new general?
me: jot it down gently?
jiggly puff drives a bentley?
William: touch yourself generally?
me: general lee wears ass-less chaps?
wait. wait a minute.

"try muffins instead."

me: boy do i want to cuddle with you or what.
(i'm preparing to be a priest)
how did that come off?
too desperate?
(5 minutes pass by)
William: no
a little too "creepy southerner" not enough "wise italian padre". Instead of "boy" try "my son"
me: my son, it's time for cuddleberries.
does that do the job?
or should i take out "berries?"
William: yeah, take out berries
try "muffins' instead
me: got it.
my son, it's time for cuddlemuffins.
William: :) oh boy, father!
me: my son, it's thyme in the cuddlemuffins.
William: in your rectory?
me: this conversation is getting posted somewhere.
William: :)
in your rectory?
me: i'm nailing it to the doors of the vatican

"But it has Clickpeas."

me: do you want to eat virtual indian food with me for lunch today?
William: haha
I'd love to
me: wait...that's not satisfying at all.
William: I'll have the punjabi channa masala
me: try the naan.
William: mmmmm insubstantial
me: hahah
try this seedy rom.
William: how're you doing?
me: it's not as good as the keyboard masala.
William: hahaha
but it has clickpeas

me: beagles!
William: What?


me: nsfw dude.
William: no, swf
me: no! NSFW.
we've taken a pro-china stance here at work.
William: dude, the lama is NSFW? where do YOU work communist
me: the lama is NSFW and neither is SXSW.
me: NIV


Cara Michelle Smith said...

general lee wears ass-less chaps so you can click his peas and post that masala in his rectory.


tolentinoed said...

awwww snap!