Thursday, October 23, 2008

i'm sorry. i'm really, really sorry, but i'm obligated.

This really kills me, because I hate this show. I'm almost willing to say that this show is a worse display of humanity than anything from the Tyra Banks catalog, but I actually respect Dr. Drew for dealing with this d-bag named "Chasen." Keep in mind that his name is neither Chase, nor Jason, neither Chasin', nor Chasing, but "CHASEN." It sounds like his parents hastened choosing a name for poor Chasen.

Regardless of d-baggery, thanks to my homie, Matt, Dunn Bros. Coffee in Addison, and the friendly production crew, my art appears in the background during the "blind date" scene. And the "free-spirited art student" is my friend and fellow artist, Cara, who makes a nice defensive maneuver against d-bagocity by letting Chasen know that Vegetarianism consists of more than just salads. She's a champ.

As I've said before, watching this assbag on camera might make you want to vomit and defenestrate your computer, so stay away from windows and make sure that you have trashcan nearby. (!Shameless Self-Promotion alert!) If you can stand to stay on the MTV site for the duration of the video, do me a solid and post a comment on there, talking about how kick ass the art was.

Keep an eye out for:
The Album cover for Raleigh's The House on Seedling Lane - (Mixed Media, in Box Frame)
"Infinitree" (Mixed Media, Behind Chasebag)
"Careful, Encounter" I, II, III, IV (Mixed Media, Birds, Hands, and Texture)

Here goes nothin':


Cara Michelle Smith said...

Man his mom loved me...

Oh and you forgot to mention that CHASEN is a high school dropout.

Oh man... that guy... he is a prime example of why I think people should be required to have a license to breed.

buenabel said...

thanks for the heads-up about the trashcan. very handy.

this world needs awesome art to balance out the many douchebags.

yippee for vegetarians!

blackmarketfunnelcakes said...

oh dear jesus