Wednesday, November 5, 2008

abusing technology and the local news.

Last night, my roommate Nick and I decided to flip through the channels to get a diverse whiff of the election coverage. In hot pursuit of an unbiased source, we turned to FOX 4 news, where local reporter Shaun Rabb was engaging in a live chat forum.

We knew what had to be done.

In a flash, I grabbed the laptop from the coffee table and logged in as "HAXOR."

Rather than typing content that would merit an immediate booting, we went with a different approach: Off-topic,mostly benign, slightly personal interaction with the public figure. Regardless of how dull the line of questioning was, there was just something histerical about a dignified, respected news reporter addressing a person named "HAXOR."

check it out.

(HAXOR: why the long face, rabb?)


(HAXOR: rabb, you look distracted.)


(ShaunRabb: haxor it's just been a long day on the web since 12:30 all is well doing what we do)


*At this point, the televised news production panned to Rabb's monitor. Of course, we took advantage of the electronic 2 seconds of fame frenzy...

(HAXOR2: haxorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
(HAXOR2: haxorrrrrr)

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