Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skatebeard Sale!

You know what? It's about time I did this...

It's a Good Ol' Fashioned Skatebeard Sale!

By popular demand (at least two people and one Silky Terrier have expressed interest), I'm making my Skatebeards available for sale in the following ways:

Pre-Made Skatebeard: *$35.00
(usually with acrylic paint and some mixed media)
Recycled Deck Skatebeard: *$25.00 with a donated skate deck
(Same materials, but I recycle your deck.)

16"X 24" Original Illustration with Skatebeard Interchangability Action! (Comes with 1 Skatebeard)
*$150.00 without deck donation / *$140.00 with deck donation

*Prices are currently set at a discounted rate

Email me at tolentinoed.artwork@gmail.com for more info!

(Photocred: Roderick Pena)

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