Saturday, January 12, 2008

i put the AT in ATX

that's not to say that i speak with an accent that requires me to drop the "h" sound (i.e. 'ello gov'ner and i'm trying to say hatch, but with a lisp...i mean that i put the AT (andrew tolentino) in ATX(austin texas)...literally.

i drove my happy ass down here last night to see what i could see. in fact, i actually drove straight to the campus because the clock-tower kindly beckoned me...and then, like a schoolmarm making first impressions, it slapped me in the face and told me i was lame for immediately visiting my alma mater...more to come on this later.

thank you for your hospitality, food, open arms, ears, and hearts:

josh king
jeff king
sean tate
will yarbrough
kim loop
kevin fung
nick fung
bhurin sead
bonnibel fonbuena
the sead family
allan jamir
huck schwee
rico deleon
gayle tabotabo
kat salvante

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Kim said...

let us make you a real web site! <3