Monday, November 30, 2009

The Illustrabet: Alphastration # 3

Check out the latest installment.

I'm making 26 of these, so please help me spread the hype by participating!

1. Click on the image below to open the full sized version.
2. Look at the image to find the illustrated representation for every letter in the alphabet.
3. *Comment with what you've found
4. Pass this entry along to a friend.
5. Wait for the answer key to be posted.
6. Repeat with the next alphastration.

1 comment:

Kevin Lane said...

A is for avocado
B is for belly button
C is for corn
D is for dead duck
E is for eggdrop soup
F is for flying pig
G is for gnome
H is for hanky
I is for ice cubes
J is for juicebox
K is for kilt
L is for lipstick
M is for magic mushroom
N is for notebook
O is for out of ideas
P is for parentheses
Q is for quotation marks
R is for robot
S is for skull
T is for tambourine
U is for undies
V is for vacuum
W is for waffles
X is for x chromosomes
Y is for your mom
Z is for zipper

In case you couldn't tell, O and Y were our last two.
-Kevin and Derek