Monday, November 23, 2009

Illustrabet Answer Key!

Well folks,

There were plenty of great interpretations of the previously posted alphastration, and I appreciate the creative responses. While there are certainly no wrong answers, I've gone ahead and posted the key below. Feel free to click on the image to see just exactly what I was going for.

Below are my answers (and some interpretations).

A: Apple
B: Barf
C: Carp
D: Dirt (Diamond)
E: Elf (Entwine)
F: Flag (Footprint)
G: Gopher (Gorilla)
H: Hand (Hat)
I: Indie-Kid
L: Lizard
M: Monk (Man)
N: Needle
O: Ohm
P: Panini
Q: Question/Question Mark
R: Rattlesnake (Reminders)
S: Salad (Snake)
T: Tack (Tattoo)
U: Umbrella
V: Vest
W: Waspa
X: Xerox
Y: Yeti (Yarn)
Z: Zeta Frat Guy (Z-Man)

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