Sunday, February 1, 2009

Infinite Thanks from the Underground Beard Booth.

Last night was an amazing experience. Artlovemagic went big at the Underground Art Show at Janette Kennedy Gallery, drawing god knows how many people to this insane live art event. We filled the gallery itself and the better part of a major thoroughfare at SouthSide on Lamar with, well, art, love, and magic from all over the metroplex.

The idea of Underground as a "live art show" became especially real when a highly attractive woman, about my age came up and said something that hurled me into a state of improvisation. "I really like those skateboard beards. I kind of want to wear one around as a beard mask!" she exclaimed. I looked down at my cordless drill, a spare skateboard deck and a hole-saw bit and said to her, "Give me 10 minutes." I made an impromptu hole-sawing surface by turning a chair on its side and clamping the busted deck on two of its legs. Unfortunately, the drill battery was on its last leg and I had to borrow some electrical outlet real estate from Hal Samples, who was taking photos next to my booth. The young, attractive woman returned and asked, "how is the beard coming along." "Damnit! " I spazzed, and explained that I had to wait for my battery to charge. About 20 minutes later, the battery had enough juice to cut out a mouth and two holes for a rope that would secure the beard on her face. By this time, this was all to no avail, since she didn't come back by the table, but her comment and the fact that I had the right tools resulted in a new performative piece that I now want to include in exhibits henceforth.

I wrote on the beard, "Put me on." (Singing in my head A-ha's "Take on me"). I thought it would be a cute play on words and actions...(the idiom, "You're putting me on" + the action of actually putting my creation on). After doing this, I handed the "skatebeard" mask to my friend, Nick who asked "Can I add something?" "Sure," I replied. He wrote "Don't," thus the phrase "Don't put me on." We laughed and thought about the idea of people immediately wanting to do something when instructed not to. Then, apparently, he, being a clever wordsmith, crossed out the "Don't" that he added , and wrote "You're" and stuck a "tting" after "put," resulting in "Don't You're putting me on." I laughed my ass off, whipped out my drill, and put a screw in the wall to hang the recent creation. As I stepped back and saw the impromptu skatebeard mask and wordplay, I realized that I had just, by happenstance, created a collaborative piece of art with a friend and a complete stranger...and I'm realizing more and more that this type of playful interactivity plays a vital role in my whole process.

I want to thank each and every person who came out and supported this event, especially those who took the time to swing by the booth to check out the work and take a gander at my process. By talking with friends, family, and complete strangers about my work and the event itself, I find myself clarifying and sharpening the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing. I can't count the number of times I explained the concept behind the Out of The Woodworks series I am working on, and each time I found myself feeding off of the response from whomever I was yapping at. This process of engaging in a dialog (with fellow artists, friends, family, strangers) about one's own creation is the artist's challenge. Through this trial, both the spectator and the creator can begin to refine the art that they see and create.

You are my muse, my impetus, and my reason for creative evolution:

Nick Olsen
Skatebeard Mask lady
Jonathan Sham
Lisa Parker
Clayton Kemp
Jon Hendrix
Zac Cadwalader
Faye Scolnic
Desiree Eslami
Matt Amend
Cara Smith
Chris H.
Katie Joiner
Marina Stoynova
Adrian Ramirez
Blanca Chavez
Kris Capps
Jessyca Gonzalez
Caroline Casey
Dylan Hollingsworth
Kiki (AKA Roxanne, Deb)
Iris Leu
Sally Glass (in my heart and my noggin')
Tyson Summers
Mike Arreaga
Oscar Angulo
Fredo Salazar
Hal Samples
Justin Nygren
David Rodriguez
Michael Lagocki
Erin C.
Craig and LaTosha Hemphill
Sondra B.
Zoetina Veal
Michele C.
Meredith H.
Jay E.
Patti L.

If I left anybody off this list who came out last night, feel free to call me out.

Also, I'm a jackass and didn't have many printed materials with my contact info, so if you're reading this and you came with a friend, please feel free to pass it on.

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