Thursday, February 12, 2009



Today is the final drop-off day for artists participating in the "Valentine's Day Is..." Art Show and Extravaganza at Dunn Bros. Coffee in Addison, TX on 2/14/2009 We've got an amazing lineup for Saturday night and I'm proud to be on the same walls and in the same room as the following folks:

Musician, Iris Leu

Photographer, Dylan Hollingsworth

Visual Artist, "Maker of things", Tyson Summers

Photographer, Liss LaFleur

Photographer, Cara Smith

Musician, Nicholas Altobelli

Painter, Photographer, Sondra Beamon

Visual Artist, Corey Godfrey

Tattoo Artist, Johnny Cortez

Visual Artist, Wendy Moran

Musicians, Zac Cadwalader and Matt Amend

Come on out and meet these asskicktaculites!

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