Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reunited and It Feels So Good...

As I've mentioned before, I was part of a theatre troupe at UT called The Silk Mangos. As UT's first Asian American theatre troupe, we frequently addressed issues on race and identity in a multitude of performative mediums. Although there was a socio-political principle behind our work, we grew as artists with one another. Together, we wrote and performed original sketches and one acts for the sake of comedy, drama, social awareness, drama, improvisation, and experimentation. All in all, we just wanted to play in front of a live audience.

Semester after semester, rehearsal after rehearsal, show after show, road trip after road trip, drunken debacle after drunken debacle, these people were my family in college. Since taking our final bow (and weeping like school-girls, I might add), we've all gone our separate ways...New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Houston...

Despite the distance though, a few of us have found a way to rekindle the old flames and create a new environment of collective, creative growth through performance. Thanks to technology, I present to you, MISSION UNICROG (Half Unicorn, Half Frog).

For about a month, we've been emailing back and forth and contributing to an enormous google doc filled with "missions" for one another. For now, the participating UNICROG Agents will be assigned the same "mission" to carry out. We've created a youtube account and we will be video-documenting our respective interpretations of the mission.

This week's mission was:
"Create a character with a romantic problem and share it with the world on youtube."

Below is my way of saying "mission complete." Stay tuned to the UNICROG Youtube Channel for more reconnaissance work.

It feels good to be back together, guys.

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