Wednesday, December 10, 2008

art con 4. holy crap.

i'm still coming down from the asskickulocity that occurred on saturday, december 6th at art conspiracy 4. there is so much to say about what happened in that warehouse in west dallas, and i've had a hard time coping with the fact that i can not conveniently put in to words how amazing this year's event was. however, i'm not satisfied with just saying "you had to be there," so here's a laundry list of asskicking ingredients and observations:

-i nearly wept when i read cindy chaffin's anecdote about some unlikely passsers by here.
-betsy lewis of KERA's Art and Seek was kind enough to feature me as an art conspirator
-the event raised $28K!!!
-the smiling faces on the lovely folks from this year's beneficiary, Preservation Link
-an otherwise drafty, dark and probably dank warehouse was filled with warmth, art, and advocacy.
-space heaters.
-artists, volunteers and bidders.
-meeting and greeting.
-dylan hollingsworth or more accurately, dylan (is a badass) hollingsworth
-a cold install day that led to elongated hugs, sniffling, and something to bond over.
-the port-a-potty kingdom / smoker's lounge.
-frank campagna
-crazy video installations.
-nervous, arms-crossed gazing as my piece went up for auction.
-relief at $20, nervous at $90, excited at $150, ecstatic at $200.
-friends and family.
-scotty mankoff
-my heart filled with warmth and renewed passion for dallas.
-my heart filled with warmth and renewed passion for real, live, tangible, art.
-(in spirit, via israel) sally glass
-a badass "deconstructed" set.
-scott horn
-photobooth + fred.
-tricycle races.
-red stripe.
-mount righteous
-chameleon chamber group(wigs and all)
-dj sober
and so much more.

many, many thanks and special appreciation to:
-erica felicella
-cari weinberg
-sarah jane semrad
-andrea roberts
-ange fitzgerald

thank you all for doing what you do. thank you for feeding my muse and encouraging me to grow as an artist, as a community member, and as a person. i can not express my gratitude enough.

take a gander (courtesy of cindy chaffin):

Art Conspiracy 4 - Deconstructed from Cindy Chaffin on Vimeo.


buddyholly said...

Post your photos.

tolentinoed said...

they're comin' shortly...i haven't even put them on my computer yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, my friend.


tolentinoed said...

and they're up! see the post just above this one.

sarah jane said...


Black Market Funnel Cakes said...

double :)