Tuesday, December 16, 2008

what would you have said?

Much respect and many beatnik snaps to my creative genius homeskillet from UT, punojenniferjenniferpuno for putting together this awesome site where you can dream up hypothetical conversations you might have had, could have had, could possibly have with various celebrities. If you've ever encountered a public icon and 10 minutes after you walked away, you made a clever remark to your friend or in your head, you'll appreciate the theoretical banter and badass vector drawings on www.whatiwouldhavesaid.com.

Previously on the chopping block:
Miley Cyrus
Daniel Craig
William Shatner
Dustin (Screech Powers) Diamond
Christopher Walken
Barack Obama
Bob Saget
Shauna Sand Queen of Lucite
Mr. T.
Elijah Wood

Currently Getting Chopped:
Miley Cyrus' fictional alter-ego Hannah Montana

Check it out. Say what you would have said.

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