Monday, January 12, 2009

i get by with a little help from my friends.

Every now and then, I like to chum the waters and see what kind of used crap I can get my hands on. It's not that I absolutely need any of these things. Some are supplies for the creative endeavor that I could always use more of and some would just be nice to have. Before I hop on craigslist, I thought I'd see if (A) anybody reads this thing and (B) what kind of stuff my homies have lying around. Thus, the list below. If you have any of the following items/services or know somebody who might be willing to part with them for cash money or a swap of some other variety, holleratme.

Luan Wood
Broken or Abandoned Skateboard decks
A Tablesaw
Wood Stain
Polaroid Film (600)
Paper with odd texture
Knowledge on repairing an early 80s Technics Turntable
Lawn Chairs
*A Box of Maps
Extra Clamps
A jigsaw
A haircut
Shoe-Sole Repair
A Bonsai Tree Care Book
Storage Bins

If only this guy hadn't already thought of this project...(thanks, cara!)

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k. terumi shorb said...

damn, i am so behind on my rss feed that i only read this today. and i threw out some pieces of plywood a couple weeks ago! ah well. i still have two pieces. well, they're plywood cabinet doors. about 18"X36". if you want them, email me and i'll set them aside for the next time yer in austin...