Friday, January 23, 2009

What I Did on My Day Off...

Woke up (surprisingly early...9:15ish)
Got out of bed
Dragged comb across my head*
Deposited some cash monies at the bank
Grabbed a sausage biscuit from Mcdougals
Called my mom to see if she needed anything before her neck procedure today
Left a voicemail
Had the car washed and vacuumed
My mom called back
Talked about ongoing family stuff
Said I love you
Went to an undisclosed location and inquired how much an oil change would be
Immediately bolted because I was told it would "run me about $42.00 + taxes."
Said to myself audibly, while driving out of the parking lot, "42...American?!"
Remembered  and drove to another oil change place 
Had my oil changed and my fluids checked out for a much more reasonable price at SpeeDee Oi on Monfort
Bought a broom  at the Dollar Store 
Went to Asel Art Supply to purchase fiber paper
Popped in to Dunn Bros to refill my portable coffee mug
Went back to the apartment
Debated on going upstairs first or just going straight to the garage
Started to go in the garage, but realized I needed garbage bags
Went back upstairs  to grab them and changed in to filth-ready pants
Reorganized my garage for my own sanity and for Betsy 
Swept beer cans and sawdust with the new broom
Mom called...still high...asked me to pick her up and take her somewhere
Got ready to leave
Was informed by my Mom that my Grandmother hadn't left but was just in the bathroom
Worked on a last minute  piece  for the Underground show next  weekend
Betsy called 
Guided  her to my garage
We bantered
Proceeded to answer questions about my studio on camera for the Artist Studio Tour initiative on KERA's Art and Seek
Continued to work as Betsy filmed some more
Said goodbye to Betsy
Went back down to the garage and worked...for about 3 hours
Went back upstairs
Talked to Mom...she was sober again...recovering nicely
Grabbed a bite to eat
Posted Heidi's Interview
Went back down to the garage and worked...for another 3 hours
Finished the piece that hangs tomorrow
Wrote this blog
Going to the Londoner, apparently...

*Name the Beatles reference and I'll give you a drawring.

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