Thursday, January 15, 2009

Meet James "Face" Yu.

I met James (aka Face) in Austin when I joined the Silk Mangos, UT's first Asian American Theatre troupe. Why do they call him "Face?" you ask. Well, spend an afternoon with him or just take a gander at a few of his photos and you'll get the idea. He's an actor, a musician, a poet, a mah jong player, and a dream chaser currently doing all of the above in NYC.

He's first up in getting tolentinoed for the Artist's Interview project, so sit back and take in the wonder that is Face.

Name: James "Face" Yu
Website: (my music)
Additional Website / Blog: (band's music)

1. Are you a practicing artist?
(If YES, please describe your work in a sentence or two. If NO, please describe your connection/interest in the arts community).
I envision myself starting or joining a theater group to make wonderful art together and show people the beauty in themselves and the world they live in. I also love to make music and it's another one of my goals to make music that people, as well as myself, can feel good about.
And world peace. I think I can make that happen.

2. What is your primary artistic medium?
They are all primary to me, goddammit.

3. What do you dabble in (artistically)?
Music production

4. Where do you live (generally, not creepily)?
New Yoke City

5. Aside from your studio, what physical, local space inspires you the most?
The SITI company's rehearsal space,
Perhaps not so much the space, but the theater company that I had the wonderful pleasure of being taught.

6. What is your favorite part of town?
Haven't found that special place yet.

7. Norm had Cheers. The gang on Saved by the Bell had The Maxx. Where would you be considered a "regular?"
Clinton Asian Market,
I don't have any people friends there, but sometimes I converse with the Chinese cabbage.

8. What is your (alcoholic) beverage of choice?
Hoegarden or a nice red wine

9. What is your (non-alcoholic) beverage of choice?
Real cranberry juice

10. What would your last supper consist of?
Right now, I'm thinking a nice heapin' helpin' of steak.

11. What 3 famous artists (visual artists, actors, directors, writers, musicians etc.), dead or alive, inspire you the most?

12. What 3 non-famous people, artists or non-artists, dead or alive inspire you the most?
I wish to combine 11 and 12:
SITI Company
Joseph Campbell
Julia Cameron
Tadashi Suzuki
Blue Man Forever: Bhurin Sead
6th slot goes to many musicians who I admire

13. Name 3 bands/musicians that you dig immensely:
People Under the Stairs
Thom Yorke
Nobuo Uematsu

14. Name 3 movies that you dig immensely:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

15. What book(s) are you currently reading?
The Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb

16. Do you work a "regular" 9-5 job?

17. Where were you born?
Houston, TX

18. How long have you lived where you live now?
6 months going strong

19. Are you a Texan?

20. Name 3 things you enjoy (or miss) about Texas.

21. At what time of the day do you feel most creative?
at night

22. If you went to college, what was your major?
chemical engineering

23. If you went to college, what was your minor?
N/A, school of chemical engineering did not allow minors... those douchebags...

24. In a haiku, please describe a memory from childhood.
Micro Machines game
Two brothers and no winners
Brown stinkies on lap

Next up: Bhurin Sead


bhurin said...

"brown stinkies on lap" should be a song name.

Heidi said...

dope. i love.

Face said...

I don't like the brown stinkies... they stink... and bring back childhood nightmares.