Friday, January 30, 2009

This is Community.

This past Saturday, I asked fellow Dallas-based artist, Tyson Summers if he would be down to participate in the upcoming "Valentine's Day Is..." art show...After a few myspace messages back and forth, Tyson not only let me know that he would be down to contribute, but he whipped up this amazing illustration for publicity purposes. I have admittedly slacked on designing a flyer, and I am astounded, flattered, and humbled by this man's quickness to create.

As of late, I've been lucky enough to meet some artists in the metroplex that I only knew by name and electronically on myspace. I've quickly learned that the nature of our small but vibrant scene is extremely supportive, connected, and dedicated to the creative endeavor. Tyson and his contributions are living, breathing proof of a creative community willing to give time and consideration to other artists and feed off of collective energy.

Check out what he's up to at

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