Friday, January 9, 2009

we are a society of...

I decided to go through the alphabet in the google search bar just to see the respective suggestions for each letter. Here's what popped up first:

amazon - online retail
best buy - electronics retail
craigslist - online job/2nd hand/housing/networking hunt
dictionary - reference/education
ebay - online retail
facebook - online social networking
google - online search engine
hotmail - email service
imdb - celebrity worship
jcpenney - retail (apparel)
kohls - retail (apparel)
lowes - retail (home improvement)
myspace - online social networking
nfl - sport worship
obama - politics, interest in the president elect
photobucket - online photo storage
quotes - other (folks looking for cheesy motivation)
runescape - online gaming, apparently
sears - retail (various)
target - retail (various)
utube (?) - illiterate folks looking for "youtube"
verizon wireless - cell phone provider
walmart - retail hell
xbox 360 - gaming console and it's hermit-habit-forming offspring
youtube - online video player
zappos - online retail

Now, for the sake of being a bit cynical and applying a minimal amount of analysis to these results, I arranged a run-on sentence regarding what we can glean about our society.

We are a society of online shopping, electronics buying, job/housing/second-hand/missed encounter hunting, uncertain but diligent, online junk buying, social networking, universally curious, emailing, celebrity worshiping, apparel happy, clothing concerned, home improving, bulletin posting, sport worshiping, obama-dazzled, photo storing, plagiarizing, online gaming, department store depraved, bullseye aiming, illiterate, cell phone using, late night shopping, video game gushing, entertainment spoiled, discount shoppers!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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