Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two Thousand Nine.

Here we go, folks. It's going to be one hell of a ride.

In lieu of listing resolution(s), I've put together a list phrases based on events and occurrences that I anticipate saying this year. Some are definitely going to happen, some just might, some are wishful thoughts, some are happy, some are crappy, some are personal, some are universal, some are trivial, some are crucial.

Either way, in no particular order, here we g'09...

1. "Welcome to your new house, President Obama."
2. "Goodbye, Turnberry Isle Apartments."
3. "Goodbye, Scion Warranty."
4. "Stimulate me, Government. Stimulate away. "
5. "Who wants to buy a well loved G4 Powerbook?"
6. "Hot damn! this Macbook Pro kicks ass!"
7. "It's a damn good thing I bought those safety goggles."
8. "It's a damn good thing I bought those safety gloves."
9. "ArtCon 5 was asskicktacularly amazing."
10. "The solo show was badass."
11. "Halcyon Nights is officially signed!"
12. "Somebody's Darling is headlining in 30 U.S. cities!"
13. "Hi, I'm Andrew. Nice to meet you."
14. "Nope, not anymore."
15. "Oh, outsourcing, corrupt ownership. You know, the usual."
16. "I got in!"
17. "I can't, I have class tonight."
18. "Man, New York kicked so much ass."
19. "And with that said, I raise my glass to my best friend of nearly 20 years and his lovely bride."
20. "I still smell like Arthur Bryant's Kansas City BBQ...and I am tempted to eat my arm."
22. "This group show is going to rule."
23. "That group show ruled last night."
24. "Yep, I've got to mail the pieces out on Monday."
25. "25."
26. "Nope, nothing to declare."
27. "Superfriends Success!"
28. "What the hell is wrong with people?"
29. "And this is my view."
30. "Yep, 365 times."
31. "And I did this entirely in the nude."
32. "Hell yes, I'm down."
33. "I knew the price of gas couldn't stay this low."
34. "We can just take the train down to deep ellum now."
35. "It's in April."
36. "Unless there's a reunion tour, that's the last time I'll see Tool live."
37. "That was a terrible idea."
38. "It turned out to be better than I thought."
39. "Turd."
40. "Let's try a fresh start."

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Wes-Anthropic said...

don't forget-
"I honestly don't remember saying that, but if I did I am really sorry and it will not happen again."